West Elmira Computers Museum
Type non-profit
Founded June 1, 2006
October 29, 2018 (non-profit)
Headquarters New York
Key people MetaFox, founder
Industry Video game museum
Products DreamCon
Employees 3

West Elmira Computers Museum is an American non-profit video game museum that was founded by MetaFox.


West Elmira Computers Museum opened on June 1, 2006 in Elmira, NY. Its physical location closed on March 1, 2007 at which point it was moved online. It was granted non-profit status in the United States on October 29, 2019.


In 2018, DreamCon took place at a table at RetroGameCon 6 2018 in Syracuse, NY from November 3 to November 4. The convention was held by MetaFox, who represented West Elmira Computers Museum]], Cydoca Entertainment, DC Evolution, Dreamcast-Scene, The Dreamcast Junkyard, The Adventuress, Cyberdog Castle, Indie Dreams Wiki, and the Dream On website.

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