TooManyGames is a convention that began in 2004 as the East Coast Gaming Expo. It adopted its current name in 2007.

In 2005, the East Coast Gaming Convention was held at Reading, Pennsylvania. DreamCon 2005 was held here, and featured a playable demo of Cool Herders. In addition, Sam Steele was present with updated versions of DCSquares and DCBlap. Lawrence Sebald had updated versions of his RPGs, ljsdcdev and DCRPG on hand. I.M Weasel had his Macintosh burning tools available. Curt Grymala represented DC Evolution and DCHelp with a "burning station" and several of DC Evolution's compilations available on a high-quality CD-R with a laser printed label and booklet with a CD case. MetaFox represented The GOAT Store, Dreamcast-Scene, Screamcast, and Cydoca Entertainment. Playable versions of Grizzlies: Forest Prelude and Feet of Fury were available. Fackue's Dreamcast Development discs were also available to anyone who wanted to get into Dreamcast developing.

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