The Sandman is a demo disc that was developed as a companion to the Dream On Magazine but was released separately in 2006.


Cyberdog Castle released the first issue of Dream On Magazine at the Midwest Gaming Classic in 2003. A companion demo disc to Dream On, known as The Sandman, was created by DC Evolution with input from MetaFox.

The menu system, Sandmenu, was developed for this compilation and was first demonstrated at the first stop of Dreamcon in 2006. Sandmenu ultimately wasn't used in this release, but it was used in other DC Evolution compilations such as Alice Dreams History. Pre-orders for a second issue of the magazine were taken in 2006, but the second issue was postponed and refunds were issued.

The Sandman Demo Disk Volume 1 was released on December 24, 2006. It includes exclusive versions and previously unreleased demos of many games available for the Sega Dreamcast.


The featured games included:

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