Help: Contents

Keep the following principles in mind when editing articles. While the wiki environment means someone will always fix mistakes and make things consistent eventually, every little bit helps!


  • Remember to capitalize the GOAT in 'The GOAT Store' and 'GOAT Store Publishing'.
  • Present dates in full: September 9, 1999. Link to the month and date as a template, and link to the year seperately to allow access to the timeline.
  • Use American spelling (which favors 'z' spellings such as 'organize' rather than 'organise').
  • Punctuation belongs inside quotation marks. For example:
Jeff Minter's goat is named "Copper." is correct.
Jeff Minter's goat is named "Copper". is incorrect.


  • Do not capitalize prepositions or other minor grammatical articles within titles. This includes in, of, on, and, or, and the. Do capitalize significant words, e.g. Feet of Fury, not Feet Of Fury.
    • Exception: Capitalize the first and last words of titles: The GOAT Store, not the GOAT Store.


  • Titles of games, shows, books and magazines should be in italics.
  • Titles of songs should be in "double quotes".


  • You only need to create a link the first time a concept is mentioned -- so don't link The GOAT Store fifty times in one article.
  • Check whether links exist before creating them. There's nothing wrong with linking to non-existent articles, but the article may in fact exist under a slightly different name.
  • Be especially careful with capitalization in links. A link to Feet of Fury is different to a link to Feet Of Fury.
  • Include appropriate category links in new articles (check the Category list if you're not sure which ones to use).


  • In general, add pictures to articles using the following wiki markup:
[[Image:feetoffurycover.jpg|300px|thumb|Feet of Fury cover art]]
  • Break up longer article with headings. Frequently used headings in the Indie Dreams Wiki includes 'History' and 'External Links'.