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Stuart Dalton, better known as BlackAura, is an Australian video game developer.

First Person Shooter engine ports[]

He is best known for creating a port of id Software's Doom to the Sega Dreamcast, entitled nxDoom, and a port of id Software's Quake to the Dreamcast entitled nxQuake.

nxDoom is the continuation of crt0 and DCGrendel's DoomDC, and is currently the most advanced Doom port available for the Dreamcast.

nxQuake is one half of the basis for Manoel Kasimier's nxMakaqu engine for the Dreamcast, the other half of which is Manoel's Windows Quake port Makaqu. That engine was going to be used in the cel-shaded fighting game for the Dreamcast entitled Fightoon. Fightoon was scheduled to be published by GOAT Store Publishing, but it was cancelled.

Other Dreamcast projects[]

He also created a port of Charles MacDonald's Sega Genesis emulator Genesis Plus to the Dreamcast. The latest preview version of that emulator, gpdc-20060726, is the most advanced Sega Genesis emulator currently available for the Dreamcast. The rendering code is rewritten to take advantage of the Sega Dreamcast's PowerVR 2 graphics hardware, resulting in improved speed without having to take a compromise in simulation of the sound hardware (which is what Sega's own Sega Dreamcast Sega Genesis emulator did on the Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1).

BlackAura also maintains a series of utilities to help Linux users make CD-Rs of independent Dreamcast programs, and to help developers who wish to develop for the system.

Among his lesser known programs is a Sega Master System emulator for Windows written from the ground up entitled, simply, BlackAura's SMS Emulator. He also wrote a bleemcast! memory card converter entitled Bleemcard, and he made a port of the platform game Jump 'n Bump.

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