Type Not Disclosed
Founded 2003
Headquarters Kansas
Key people Austin Vashaw (founder), quzar, Tvspelsfreak, ATani, warmtoe, Pixel, wozza, DaMadFiddler, catch the bear, emptythought, Anguidara, Nico (former member), Steve Thompson (consultant)
Industry Video games
Products GOAT Games
Employees 11

Screamcast is an American video game and computer game developer.

History Edit

"Screamcast" was started by Austin Vashaw in 2003 for the purposes of having a moniker for content he supplied to video game projects. It has since expanded into a game development group, and currently is the largest independent development group for the Sega Dreamcast, with eleven active members.

In 2005, Screamcast's port of Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid to the Dreamcast won second place in the "Anything Goes" tier of the Second Annual Dream On Contest held by Cyberdog Castle and The GOAT Store.


Screamcast's group members hail from around the globe and collaborate virtually. This awkward development crux is handled using web communications, including a private message board and instant messaging.

Screamcast's portfolio includes many ports and clones, but its primary objective is the creation of completely original entertainment software. The first such project, Grizzlies, began development in 2004 and is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious homebrew games for the Dreamcast.

The group is collaboratively tied to other independent game development squads for cooperative development, consultation, testing, tools, and support. These partners include S&F Software, Cyberdog Castle, The GOAT Store, and emptythought's DC Help.

Notable titlesEdit

  • GOAT Games (2006) (Grizzlies and Copper Swapper) - action and puzzle, internally developed
  • The Dreamcast version of bhole, which has the distinction of being the first DOS emulator for the Dreamcast.


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