S+F Software
SFSoftware logo
Type Not Disclosed
Founded 1998
Headquarters Pennsylvania
Key people Steve Thompson (Founder), Brandon Parker, Andrew Bado (Former Member), Kyle Ward, Josh Deeb, Andy Woodward
Industry Video games
Products Inhabitants
Employees 5

S+F Software is an American video game and computer game developer.

History Edit

"S+F Software" was started by Steve Thompson in May of 1998 for the purposes of having a group name for his video game projects. S+F Software grew over the years, and has released many freeware games for Windows. In 2004, they decided to try their hand at the independent commercial market, and released a version of their popular Windows game Inhabitants for the Sega Dreamcast after winning first place in Cyberdog Castle's and The GOAT Store's first Dream On Contest.

In 2006, S+F Software announced, during the Midwest Gaming Classic, that the team had begun pre-production on a brand new project for the Dreamcast. Die-Hard Gamer was the first site to break news of the new project in their review of Inhabitants DC (Link). The project has since been placed on indefinite hold.

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