Type not disclosed
Founded 2013
Headquarters France
Key people Jeremy Romey
Industry Video games
Products 4x4 Jam, Alice's Mom's Rescue, Breakers, DUX 1.5, Flashback, Ganryu, Ghost Blade, Rush Rush Rally Racing Reloaded
Employees 2

RushOnGame is a French private online retailer of video games. They are the co-publisher of all of the Dreamcast releases by JoshProd.


RushOnGame was founded in 2013. They offer private sales of video games only to registered RushOnGame members, however, registration is free.

As the co-publisher, with JoshProd, they published several Dreamcast games. In 2017 they published 4x4 Jam, Breakers, Flashback, Ganryu and Rush Rush Rally Racing Reloaded, as well as re-releases of Alice's Mom's Rescue, DUX 1.5, Ghost Blade, and Sturmwind.

In 2018, they will publish more Dreamcast games including Battle Crust, Fade to Black, The Escapee, and Okinawa Rush.