PixelHeart logo
Type not disclosed
Founded 2010
Headquarters France
Key people Philippe Nguyen
Industry Video games
Employees not disclosed

PixelHeart is a French video game publisher.

Neo ConceptionEdit

PixelHeart was formed by Philippe Nguyen as Neo Conception International in 2010.

As Neo Conception International, they published games for the Neo Geo MVS arcade system and its Neo Geo AES home counterpart, as well for the Neo Geo CD.



They broadened their scope and were renamed JoshProd in 2015.

As JoshProd, they have published games for other classic systems such as the Sega Dreamcast and Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

In 2017, JoshProd published several Dreamcast games including 4x4 Jam, Breakers, Flashback, Ganryu, and Rush Rush Rally Racing Reloaded, as well as PAL case re-releases of Alice's Mom's Rescue, DUX 1.5, Ghost Blade, and Sturmwind.


In 2018, JoshProd became the JoshProd PixelHeart Group.

In 2018, PixelHeart published Dreamcast games including Another World HD, Bang² Busters, Battle Crust, Fade to Black, and The Escapee.

In 2019, they published even more Dreamcast games including Armed Seven, Captain Tomaday, Finding Teddy, FX Unit Yuki: The Henshin Engine, Magic Pockets, and Volgarr the Viking.

In 2020, they published Dreamcast games including Alice Sisters, Arcade Racing Legends, Gigantic Army, Okinawa Rush, Rocketron, Satazius Next, Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser, Tough Guy, Wolflame, and Zangeki Warp.

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