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Max Scharl, also known as max/DCS, is the founder of Dreamcast-Scene (formerly and one of the four executive directors of the videogame publisher and distributor redspotgames. He was raised in Munich and Vancouver, currently works in Munich and Nuremberg and is vegan since many years.

He has had booths at the Games Convention in Germany dedicated to the Dreamcast twice in 2003 and 2005 so far, and, through, has convinced several Japanese NAOMI developers such as Alfa*System, G.Rev or Milestone to port their games to the Dreamcast officially in Japan due petition and business negotiations.

Together with three colleagues he founded the videogame supplier and service company Van Basilco in 2005. Until today his company has business with Milestone.

In 2007, the publishing and distribution label redspotgames arose from Van Basilco. Their first title, Last Hope, was released on January 31st, 2007 on the Dreamcast.

Beside his activity for the videogames scene and business you can read articles in major German videogame magazines by him from time to time. Also, due his former apprenticeship and work as a digital media designer in sound and vision, you can find his name on several Video DVD releases for companies such as SonyBMG or Universal. In his free time he's also one of the 2D artists of the Austrian / German demoscene group Speckdrumm.