Marcus Comstedt is a video game developer.

Dreamcast PioneeringEdit

He was the first person to release information that allowed independent code to boot on the Sega Dreamcast.

His reverse engineering endevours and assembly code samples were instrumental in the furthering of independent Dreamcast development.

Software PortingEdit

Along with his pioneering work in the Dreamcast, he has also contributed a few Dreamcast programs.

He first ported the Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator, SNES9x to the Dreamcast as DreamSNES.

He later ported the adventure game interpreter, ScummVM to the Dreamcast.

His latest port was the ScummVM subproject, Residual. It is an interpreter for the LucasArts adventure game, Grim Fandango. The Dreamcast version of this project is currently only avaiable in source code form.

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