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Manoel Kasimier, better known as Fragger, is a video game developer.

Quake source ports[]

He is best known for creating a port of id Software's Quake to the Dreamcast entitled nxMakaqu.

Stuart Dalton's nxQuake is one half of the basis for Manoel Kasimier's nxMakaqu engine for the Dreamcast, the other half of which is Manoel's Windows Quake port Makaqu.

nxMakaqu is going to be used in the upcoming cel-shaded fighting game for the Dreamcast entitled Fightoon. Fightoon, a creation of Manoel and the only cel-shaded fighting game on the Dreamcast, is scheduled to be published by GOAT Store Publishing in 2007.

Previously he had created a mod for the Dreamcast Quake port by Titanium Studios, QuakeDC, called Joymenu. This was a menu system that allowed access to all of QuakeDC's options without the use of a keyboard. Most of the functionality of JoyMenu has been included in nxMakaqu.

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