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Makaqu is a source port of id Software's Quake engine to the Sega Dreamcast video game console by Manoel Kasimier, better known as Fragger. It is a merger of Stuart Dalton's nxQuake and the PC Quake engine Makaqu, and thus is the official continuation of nxQuake. Makaqu supports the registered and shareware versions of Quake. It also has a modlist that allows you to select the original game, mods, and total conversions.


In late 2002, the nxQuake base was used in a project named RADQuake. Stewart Dalton would send his changes into the project, so work on nxQuake was halted in favour of RADQuake. RADQuake was maintained by Ian Michael, Stewart Dalton, speud, and Manoel Kasimier. It implemented VMU saving support, preliminary sound support, and preliminary rumble pack support.

In late 2005, work on nxQuake moved to a project named nxMakaqu. It is a combination of Stewart Dalton's nxQuake and Manoel Kasimier's PC Quake source port, Makaqu. nxMakaqu has improved sound support, CD music support, an improved modlist, multiple renderer changes, and support for skyboxes. nxMakaqu has superseded both nxQuake and RADQuake, and is the current active incarnation of the nxQuake codebase.

The project is now known simply as Makaqu for both Windows and Dreamcast.


nxMakaqu was to be used as the engine for Fightoon, a cel-shaded three dimensional one on one fighting game for the Sega Dreamcast. However, it was canceled.

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