Magfest, the Music And Gaming Festival, is a convention that began in 2002 as the Mid-Atlantic Gaming Festival.

Magfest 4Edit

In 2006, Magfest 5 was held on January 13th, January 14th, and January 15th in Charlottesville, Virginia. DreamCon 2006 Part 1 was held here, and featured a playable demo of GOAT Games. In addition, Curt Grymala, representing DC Evolution and DCHelp, had a "burning station" with several of DC Evolution's compilations available on a high-quality CD-R with a laser printed label and booklet with a CD case. MetaFox represented The GOAT Store, Dreamcast-Scene, Screamcast, and Cydoca Entertainment. Playable versions of Grizzlies: Forest Prelude and Feet of Fury were available. Screamcast was represented at this convention by Donald Haase. Screamcast had Grizzlies: Forest Prelude and BurgerDC on show.

Playable versions of Feet of Fury, Maqiupai, Inhabitants, Cool Herders, and the unlicensed Korean Dream Para Para game were available.

Magfest 5Edit

In 2007, Magfest 5 was held on January 5th, January 6th and January 7th in Vienna, Virginia. DreamCon 2007 was held by Curt Grymala of DC Evolution and DCHelp, and was integrated right into the convention, with several tournaments. Saturday's tournament was Cool Herders, with the prize being copies of some of DC Evolution's images, complete with labels and cover art. Sunday's tournament was Feet of Fury, with the prize being a Dreamcast with all of the hookups, a Playstation controller adapter (so a Playstation dance mat could be hooked up), and a copy of Feet of Fury.

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