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Last Hope is a shooting game for Dreamcast that was originally developed for the Neo Geo AES. The game has six stages, four difficulty levels, and 360 degree ship rotation for shooting and dodging enemy fire.

The Dreamcast version features adjusted difficulty and enhanced clarity due to the reducing of several special effects like explosions and particle effects. It also has better hit response and improved visualization of boss hit zones.

Last Hope: Pink Bullets[]

A director's cut titled Last Hope Pink Bullets was released for Dreamcast on September 4, 2009. It featured pink bullets to improve screen visibility, in addition to new features to make the game easier to allow a more accessible gameplay experience. Last Hope: Pink Bullets was later released on Neo Geo MVS on February 21, 2011

Both Last Hope and Last Hope: Pink Bullets were originally released by redspotgames. Last Hope: Pink Bullets was re-released by the NG:DEV:TEAM in a budget pack with their other titles on April 15, 2016.