Type not disclosed
Founded 2008
Headquarters Germany
Key people
Industry Video games
Products DUX, Redux: Dark Matters, Ghost Blade
Employees not disclosed

Hucast is a German video game developer.


NG:DEV.TEAM was formed in 2008. Their first game, a Dreamcast shooter titled DUX, was released in 2009. They released a director's cut version of DUX which included improvements over the original release titled DUX 1.5 in 2014.

Their second game, Redux: Dark Matters, the sequel to DUX, was released in 2014.

In 2015, they began publishing games developed by Orion for the Dreamcast. The first of these games was Alice's Mom's Rescue, followed by Elansar & Philia. They also released the third game that they developed in 2015, Ghost Blade.