Founded December 14, 2002
Key people Max Scharl

Dreamcast-Scene is a website dedicated to the Dreamcast that was founded by Max Scharl on December 14, 2002 as Dreamcast-Petition.

Dreamcast-Petition was originally created in response to the announcement of the Dreamcast port of Ikaruga. The website had a petition that gained over 70,000 signatures, in an effort to let Sega know that there were still people that were interested in purchasing Dreamcast games.

In 2003, the website was renamed Dreamcast-Scene, and focused its petitions on bringing specific games to the system. People were asked to send their petitions, by standard mail, to either Dreamcast-Scene Europe, which was managed by Max Scharl, to Dreamcast-Scene US, which was managed by MetaFox, to Dreamcast-Scene Japan, or Dreamcast-Scene Canada.

These paper petitions worked well, as Dreamcast-Scene was able to convince publishers to bring several games to the Dreamcast, including Border Down and King of Fighters 2002. After official game production ceased in 2007, Dreamcast-Scene dedicated itself to promoting independent game releases.

Dreamcast-Scene partnered with the now-defunct import website Lik-Sang to showcase Dreamcast games, including independent Dreamcast releases, at the Games Convention in 2003. They returned to the Games Convention in 2005 and 2006, and were also present at the DreamCon Dreamcast convention in 2005, 2006, and 2015.

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