The Dream On Contest was a contest held by Cyberdog Castle and The GOAT Store which aimed to bring more independently developed commercial games to the Sega Dreamcast.

Dream On Contest 2003 Edit

The first contest ran from October 8, 2003 to March 17, 2004. The winners were as follows:

1.) Inhabitants by S+F Software
2.) Maqiupai by JMD
3.) Boll by Fredrik Ehnbom

The other entries were Whispered Secrets by Ian Micheal and Trampalien Gunmen by GPF.

The top two winners were released as commercial releases by GOAT Store Publishing,

Dream On Contest 2004 Edit

The second contest ran from November 10, 2004 to November 10, 2005. Due to popular demand, the second annual Dream On contest included a minigame category. It was also combined with wraggster's Dream Coding Grand Prix, adding an additional category for emulators and an "anything goes" category.

Tier 1: Professional Game Creation (no entries this year)

Tier 2: Amateur Game Creation
1) Nibbler by JMD
2) Xump by kedo and GPF (and the Psilocybin Development Team)

Tier 3: Emulator Creation
1) DOSBoxDC by GPF and the DOSBox team
2) MSXCast by LTK and Marat Fayzullin

Tier 4: "Anything Goes"
1) VMU CD by bucanero
2) Blobwars by quzar and Parallel Realities

The original plan was that the winners would be featured in a future issue of Dream On magazine, but the second issue was since placed on indefinite hold.

Dream On Contest 2005 Edit

The third contest ran from November 10 2005 to June 10, 2006. This year, the contest was reduced to two tiers.

Tier 1: Professional Game Development
1) Dynamite Dreams by patbier and poche
2) Feuer Frei by qatmix and Project Firestorm

Tier 2: MiniGame
1) RacerDC by Imerion
2) RACE Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator port by GPF

The original plan was for the tier one winners to be published by GOAT Store Publishing and for the tier two winners to be included in the GOAT Games compilation disc. The latter was later postponed.

Dynamite Dreams was ultimately funded through Kickstarter and published as Alice Dreams Tournament.

Dream On Contest 2018 Edit

The fourth contest will run from July 6, 2018 to September 9, 2019. It is being held as an jam in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Dreamcast.