Donk!: Samurai Duck is intended to be a remake of The Hidden's Amiga CD32 game of the same name. In the game, an ordinary duck named Donk was raised by samurai warriors. To prove himself he has set off to collect crystals from 112 levels of earth. Once thetarget quota of gems are collected, Donk must escape from each level through one of its many exits. Magical powers can be collected along the way, including the ability to turn into an inflatable toy duck, which makes it possible to float across water. A simultaneous split-screen 2-player mode is planned to be included as well.

The Sega Dreamcast version of the game will display at 640x480 resolution. As such, the artwork is going to be revamped, and Cryptic Allusion's Roddy Toomim will supply some new music for the soundtrack.

It was announced in 2006. However, although it hasn't been officially cancelled, it is considered on hold as no new information has been released since its announcement.