DCSquares is a square-collecting game by Sam Steele, also known as c99koder.

It was released for Dreamcast on October 7, 2004, for Windows and macOS on May 4, 2005, for Linux on May 4, 2005, for Android on October 20, 2014, and for Nintendo 3DS on March 30, 2016.


Since its release, it has showcased on several occasions.

On July 25, 2005, Sam Steele showcased an updated version of DCSquares at his table at the DreamCon at the East Coast Gaming Expo in Reading, Pennsylvania, alongside an updated version of DCBlap.

On January 13, January 14, and January 15, 2006, it was included as one of the minigames on GOAT Store Publishing's  GOAT Games demo disc displayed at DreamCon at Magfest 4 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

On January 3, 2005DC Evolution released a compilation titled DCSquares Cubed, which includes DCSquares, its two included themes and several other themes.

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