Chikugoyaku was a party game that was announced when pre-orders began on November 27, 2003. It was originally meant to ship when 100 preorders were collected or on February 21, 2004.

It was postponed, and refunds were issued after a hard drive crash caused a loss of all of the game data. On November 26, 2004 it was announced that it would be one of the games in the GOAT Games compilation.

Nothing has been revealed about the game since 2004, so it is considered to be on indefinite hold.


Chikugoyaku was to be a game where you were to be an apprentice to a magician who sends you out on an errand. You were entrapped by your master’s rival in an enchanted mansion. Your master has cast a protection spell on you that allows you to come back from death 15 times.

It was a game of chance. You were to have a choice of three doors. One led to the next set of three doors, while the other two led to certain death. The game was to feature humorous death animations in the vein of the SegaCD game “Panic”. Over 100 animations and 50 sets of doors were to be included.

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