Amnesia: Psychic Spelunker is an adventure game for the Sega Dreamcast that was announced on June 3, 2006 by The GOAT Store. It was announced to be designed by Dan Loosen and would be coded by Paul Willarson, who is well known for the DreamScript coding language.

Although it hasn't been officially canceled, it is considered on hold as no new information has been released since its announcement.


The game was to be open-ended with multiple paths and at least 32 different endings, with only one "real" ending. The player would be able to get something and could try it just about anywhere. They would then be able to use it in different situations with different results. Because adventure games ultimately do need a goal and using a ton of different things in tons of different ways has the potential to make the game overly frustrating, the VMU would play a crucial part in the adventure by hinting about things as you go. This would give the game replayability, a trait which adventure games traditionally lack.